Kitty's Bazaar

A tale of hell in the New World Order...

A Tale of Evil in the New World Order.

A truthful story of the corruption and power, the perversity and criminality that exists at the top with our world leaders...N.Y.Times

Read about Power, Lies, Rape, Greed, Incest, Murder, Drugs, Corruption, War, Starvation, Genocide, Terror...the best of the New World Order!


Part One : "Kitty's Bazaar" is the first book in the "Luce Trinity" series. Kitty intends to take care of a few evil men, not the least of which is the man who cruely abused her. From an obsession with revenge, it's a journey to awakening and discovery for Kitty who is obsessed with killing her abusive friend. Unfortunately, he is a highly placed member of the killer elite, i.e. the New World Order; of which Kitty has not a clue. (Available now)

Part Two : in "Evil by Nature" : Kitty learns that she has failed in her attempt to kill her abuser and he comes after her. Pursued around the globe by an assortment of mysterious, sinister killers, Kitty and her ex-military boyfriend Derrick discover what power, in the hands of certain people, really is. To stay alive, they quickly need to learn who has the resources to know their every move and how this power became so pernicious; all the while, scrambling to stay alive. 

Part Three : in "Messiah ; Priest King", Kitty and her associates, inevitably come to the conclusion that what they have stumbled onto is a core of evil, a center to the  corruption that pervades mankind as a species. They decide to attack this Matrix and expose the evil, at all costs. Incredibly, it hardly matters that they are in, way over their heads dealing with the Military, Industrial, Religious Empire (MIRE), due in part to Kitty's own undaunted nature and the unexpected help she recieves from a wise old man.

Cat's Cradle.